Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wheel Alignment

Odo: 15,907 miles

Took the Jaguar for a wheel alignment today. The steering was twitchy and the tyres squealed in faster corners.

The folk at Lithgow Tyre Service did a great job. They have been great to deal with, did a great job on our Holden SS recently.

Apparently the toe adjustment was miles out, -8.9 mm instead of the required 4 mm. -13 mm out! No wonder the steering was acting up.

She steers beautifully now, a bit of free play in the system as can be expected for a 60 year old vehicle, but the overall improvement is great.

I have to pop the steering wheel off the shaft and correct the straight ahead position. I will do this along with fixing the manette control (see separate post).

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