Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Penetrene" to the rescue!

The steering column in the Mark VII Jaguar is adjustable for reach but our steering column was stuck in the fully extended position. The adjustment locking screw collar around the steering column was seized and no amount of brute force was going to shift it, I even tried with some multi-grips but it still wouldn't budge. I guess it's been this way for a while because I could see where someone else had swung off the locking collar and had slightly damaged it.

So I sprayed some Penetrene down inside the screw collar a few days ago, tied a rag around it and left it. I wasn't sure if it would work.

Tonight I was looking at the Manette Control problem when I thought I'd have a crack at the adjusting collar and blow me down it moved with the multi grips!

Even more pleasing, now that I can shorten the length of the steering column, the tube on the manette control is now locating in the stator tube as it should and the manette control has stopped spinning with the steering wheel! Happy days.

While I was fiddling with the steering column I corrected the wheel straight ahead position following yesterday's wheel alignment.

Getting the circlip off the end of the steering column was a pain in the arse, I faffed around for ages with my circlip pliers trying to get it off - ended up using a couple of screwdrivers and it eventually came off. So much for using the right tool for the job!

The wheel is now correctly oriented at the straight ahead position, the manette control stays straight and the trafficators automatically cancel! Good stuff.

Now I just have to fix the lazy trafficators!

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