Saturday, September 8, 2012

Run to Blackheath

After a night of intense wind, we awoke to a house with no electricity. So we lit the fire to warm the house, ran the generator for a few hours so we could get showered and ready and then headed off for a drive in the Jaguar to Mount Victoria to vote in the council election. Then we headed to Blackheath for a lovely picnic in the sun. The Jaguar performed flawlessly.


  1. Beautiful shot of a great car. I have a 53 MkVII and love it to bits even after 17 years of ownership! Keep up the good work, I will be keeping a watch on your blog. 10/10, JD.

  2. G'day JD - thanks for your post, you are my first blog commenter! Great to hear of your years of happy Mark VII ownership. We are completely enjoying our ownership so far. Great family car.
    Are you in Australia? (I will look you profile up shortly)

    Thanks again, Andrew.

  3. Hi Andrew, don't leave much on the google profile, mainly facebook. Living in the Adelaide Hills. I have two other Mk VIIs that I have resucued over the years for parts (well and truly beyong economical salvation) kept most parts but tossed the bodies out as they were far too rusty. Keeping the chassis as I intend building a 2 seater special (cross between an SS100 and a WO 4.5l blower Bentley) I have been colleting the parts over the years and nearly have everything I need (including a supercharger!)
    Like the parts car, I can see a special looming under there. Incase you are unfamiliar with the term "Special" it's a UK term used to describe what is essentially a British Hotrod the crucial difference is that they were built for circuit racing, hillclimbs and the like. JD

  4. Hi JD, great idea on the "special". I wonder how our backward road rules up here in New South Wales would cope with such an idea?
    How is your Mark VII for fuel consumption? I am considering getting an electronic distributor - have you used one? Cheers, Andrew.